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Image viewer for V

This is an example of a simple image viewer written in V.


The program can be invoked by the command line:

file list: viewer img1.jpg inmg2.bmp img3.tga folder list: viewer folder1 folder2 zip list: viewer folder1.zip folder2.zip

All folders/zips are scanned for images. The user can mix files, folders, and zips.

mixed list: viewer img1.jpg img2.bmp folder1 folder2 img2.tga folder1.zip

Interactive usage

Run the viewer then drag and drop files,folders and zips on it.

Accepted image format

JPEG, PNG, BMP, PSD, TGA, GIF (not animated), HDR, PIC, PNM


The user can navigate through the files passed to the viewer. The following operations can be performed on each image:

Key bindings

H - show this help

ESC/q - Quit cursor right - Next image cursor left - Previous image cursor up - Next folder cursor down - Previous folder F - Toggle full screen R - Rotate image of 90 degree I - Toggle the info text

mouse wheel - next/previous images Hold left Mouse button - Pan on the image Hold right Mouse button - Zoom on the image


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