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For Linux, you need to install MySQL development package and pkg-config.

For Windows, install the installer , then copy the include and lib folders to <V install directory>\thirdparty\mysql.

Note: if you encounter weird errors (your program just exits right away, without printing any messages, even though you have println('hi') statements in your fn main()), when trying to run a program that does import mysql on windows, you may need to copy the .dll file: thirdparty/mysql/lib/libmysql.dll , into the folder of the executable too (it should be right next to the .exe file). This is a temporary workaround, until we have a more permanent solution, or at least more user friendly errors for that situation.

Basic Usage

import mysql

// Create connection
mut connection := mysql.Connection{
    username: 'root'
    dbname: 'mysql'
// Connect to server
// Change the default database
// Do a query
get_users_query_result := connection.query('SELECT * FROM users')?
// Get the result as maps
for user in get_users_query_result.maps() {
    // Access the name of user
// Free the query result
// Close the connection if needed