Gitly is an upcoming open-source development platform that is going to have

  • Source code hosting
  • Project management
  • CI & CD

    Main features:

    - Light and fast
    - Minimal amount of RAM usage (works great on the cheapest $3.5 AWS Lightsail instance)
    - Easy to deploy (a single <1 MB binary that includes compiled templates)
    - Works without JavaScript
    - Detailed language stats for each directory
    - "Top files" feature to give an overview of the project
    - Very fast CI with pre-cached dependencies
    - Submitting a pull request without forking the repository

    GitHub GitLab Gitly
    Open source No Yes Yes
    All features are open source No No Yes
    Minimum RAM 32 GB [0] 4 GB [1] 128 MB
    Cheapest server $160 $20 $3.50 [2]
    Works without JS Partially No Yes
    Detailed language stats No No Yes
    Installation size ? 3.9 GB [3] <1 MB
    CI features
    # CPU cores 2 1 4 - 8
    FreeBSD No No Yes
    macOS Yes No Yes
    Built-in dependency cache No No Yes
    CI minutes in a basic package 3000 [4] 2000 [5] 43200

    Check out Gitly in action by browsing the V language repo: