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<h1>Pendulum Simulation in V</h1>

You can see the origin implementation among with some benchmarks at ulises-jeremias/v-pendulum-simulation.

vlang.io | Docs | Contributing

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Build Status Docs Validation License: MIT


Run the Simulations

Sequential Simulation

$ v -gc boehm -prod sequential.v
$ ./sequential # execute ./sequential -h for more info

Parallel Simulation

$ v -gc boehm -prod parallel.v
$ ./parallel # execute ./parallel -h for more info


Parallel Simulation with Image Worker

$ v -gc boehm -prod parallel_with_iw.v
$ ./parallel_with_iw # execute ./parallel_with_iw -h for more info


Parallel Simulation with Graphic User Interface

$ v -gc boehm -prod animation.v
$ ./animation # execute ./animation -h for more info

Full Parallel Simulation with Graphic User Interface and Image Output

$ v -gc boehm -prod full.v
$ ./full # execute ./full -h for more info


To test the module, just type the following command:

$ v test .


Check the original repository for tools to run benchmark tests. In there you can execute the following command to execute benchmark tests to get a full comparison between implementations:

$ ./bin/run-benchmark-test --help